2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy, Busy

Having two horses to work after I get off work at almost 6 makes for busy days! Both boys are doing great. Pony got a conditioning ride in the field last night and felt really good. He tends to lose conditioning really, really easily and I was impressed with how well he did last night. Wether or not I can afford to compete in another 3 day this year (I hope so!) I plan on doing more real conditioning. It will only help us!

Sunday April and I planned a baby shower for Alanna. Pony got to give pony rides to one of our little guests!

Tolo has continued to improve each day. He is starting out much less resistant and anxious and we are getting some really nice work. Last night there was a lot going on outside the half wall of the arena so he was getting looky but once we got really working he came around. We even were doing some walk to canters and started working on some lengthenings. He has the general ideas of them so now its just solidifying them. Here is a video of our progress so far from his first ride to his 5th ride:

I am going to try to get more video of him this weekend to track our progress! Alanna is also coming to video ponys lesson on Monday which will be really fun to have. We havent gotten our lessons taped for quite some time so it will be nice to be able to see where we are at!


  1. He's an excellent giver of pony rides. I don't know how you have two. I feel like I barely have time for one!

    1. It is hard!! Some nights I am better than others and work both then others I just work one and alternate the next night. It's HARD when you work all day!