2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, May 8, 2017

(Backup) First big adventure

Rolex was incredible just as everyone else has stated. We lucked out on the weather and talk about a seriously inspiring week! It fueled my fire to come back and get on my boy! Here are some fun pictures:

Bentley unfortunately had an unplanned vet visit the day that we were flying to Kentucky. Yet another round of cellulitis. Will this ever end?! So instead of training rides he had the week off on stall rest. Thankfully he bounced back quick and was ready to go when I got back. 

Yesterday we had a dressage show. We did training test 1 and 2. I was extremely happy with how he handled everything and that our second test was even better then our first. I'm sad that our scores didn't really reflect that but the judge was very consistently low for everyone. We finished with a 61.?% and a 64.6% to win his training level test 2 in some solid competition! Best of all he felt very rideable like he knew the job at hand. All of the low marks were just due to lack of knowledge on his part (stretchy anything!).

Today we hauled out to another barn to go XC schooling for the first time ever. Not only his first time going XC but his first time being ridden in an open field. He was a great traveler and only got jacked up once the other horses started galloping around. I put him to work and he quickly settled into it and joined in on the jumping/galloping fun. He is jumping better and better with each lesson and really started to figure out the game today. We just did basic logs, coops, and tables but he was game and fun! Very strong, but fun! Another bonus is that he was great into the water also. He was once again exceeding my expectations ten fold when he decided at the end he was done. We tried introducing him to a little baby ditch and the gerbils all fell of their wheels at one moment. The time he made it over was when our trainer gave us a lead over. He ended up launching straight up into the air, taking her out, and landing on top of her. Thankfully she is okay (definitely sore!). It was pretty traumatizing to be that helpless on top of your horse while someone is under neath them 😳 Once my barns XC course opens I foresee many days of ditch practice. I'm sure once he figures it out he will be fine. He is just so dramatic sometimes!

Next weekend is a h/j show at the barn then two weeks till the one day events. Lots of work to do but he is going to be a blast to event once he figures it all out!!


  1. A dramatic thoroughbred?! Say it isn't so!

    1. I know right? Never heard of those before 😂

  2. I'm pretty sure ditches are going to be the bane of my existence with Levi as well. I'm jealous of your Rolex trip.