2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

BWB (Bubble Wrap Boy)

I’m not sure which higher power I have pissed off in the last two years but I feel like my luck is non existent. Between the three of my boys they have done some weird šŸ’©. 

Let me just highlight Bentleys 2017 for you so far:
-cellulitis (actually had it 3 times in fact)
-popped two splints
-had scratches
-tore up his back leg
-cut his eye lid
-cut his larynx (yes you read that right) and was bleeding out of his nose for 4 days (nothing the vet could do about it)
-had a reaction to his rabies vaccine
-has pulled 10 shoes 

I have not even owned him a year yet. Wtf! He gets iced, linamented, wrapped, and BOT after jump schools, he gets his legs betadine scrubbed all winter, he gets daily mash with his supplements, he sees a chiropractor, I see him/check him over 7 days a week, what more could I do?! After thinking about it, between all of his extra curricular activities this year, he has had about 3.5 months off.

Currently we are at 2 weeks of no work (haven’t been able to ride since the clinic) due to the time off for his larynx to heal and the addition of the rabies vaccine reaction right after he had healed up. Due to his love for our vet he has been named BWB, or Bubble Wrap Boy, by one of my friends! 

I’m really hoping he doesn’t have anything else in store for me the rest of the year. Some days I truly think it is a miracle he is still alive with all the crap he has done to himself! People keep telling me it has to stop soon. I can only hope! He is signed up for a Dressage clinic in December. Anyone want to take bets as to if he will get to actually go or not? šŸ˜‚


  1. Haha that's when you look at those studies done by trainers where they figure out what's the actual least you can do with a horse and realize that actually, they retain information very well and our constant anxiety is really unnecessary. ;-)

    Seriously tho. Hope he gets it together soon. It's more fun to pay for shows than vets.

    1. Ha! True! Unfortunately the horse cannot use said retained info if he is bay shit on stall rest šŸ˜‚ thankfully he is very contained at the moment!

  2. Holy shit! Yeah I would say you are due for some better luck!

    1. I want some of your luck these days!!!

    2. Or you could have MY luck, which is even worse. 8-(

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