2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Just wanted to post some pictures of my spring break trip to Florida to visit some family! It was an amazing trip and I cant wait to go back!
Tyler (cousin), Kaitlin (cousin), Me, Mckenzie (cousin), and Jeff (uncle) getting ready for some manatees!

Practicing after going to the Medival Times Dinner!

Riding the ponies!

Zipline fun!

Quinntessa and me! She hasnt been ridden much at all and was great (after we got our forward button installed!)

Dolphins we saw right by our dock!

Family fun

What a good boy Zeus! First time with a saddle on and his first ride!

It runs in the family

We can stop!!

Dolphins at Cedar Keys!

I really needed this vacation and it was great to see my cousins, aunt and uncle! I cannot wait to go back, maybe with my horses, dogs, and all my stuff one day :)

I was happy to see my pony when I got back though. I drove straight to the barn on my way home from the airport and spent an hour with him just brushing him and braiding him and such. He was LOVING it. I think he was a bit mad in the beginning that I had left him but he got over it fast and was falling asleep. I rode him yesterday and it was quite interesting. Pretty sure we couldnt have scored a 60 percent at Intro. I would love the forward he had yesterday in our everyday rides but the stubborn as a mule (NOT him at all usually!), super strong, stiff as a board horse was not appreciated at all! I was definitely regretting sending in an entry for a show in a week and a half during my ride. Luckily I know that he will just take a couple rides to get him back in the swing of things. Thankfully we have a lesson on Monday too, it will be MUCH needed!

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