2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sun? In Oregon?

I didnt know it was possible.. but we got SUN today! Who would have thought?! After doing barn chores this morning at the barn I work at I headed up to Polo Ridge to go visit Mama Rhein and Little Scotty Scholar! It was super fun to meet Scotty and see Rheiny again! I could watch mamas and babies in the pasture all day.
Happy Mama outside with Little Scotty Scholar :)

She LOVES her peppermints!

 Then I got home and took Skys blankie off, since Mr. Sun made a rare appearance I needed to take full advantage of it, and gave her a good brushing especially with the shedding blade! She was super happy to be brushed and stood there falling asleep.
Next was Mystics turn. We are finally starting to get some good work again. He has been really strong and stiff since I started riding him again after vacation. I am so ready for our lesson on Monday, it is much needed! After our ride I hosed him off and washed his mane and tail. I seriously cannot believe how long his mane has gotten! Parts of it are almost down to his knees, it is insane! I keep meaning to measure it someday just to see how long it actually is. Hopefully his mane, at least, can stay pretty clean so I dont have to wash it again for the show but im not holding my breath!

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