2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, October 25, 2014

New digs

Mylo gets to be more of a grown up baby starting tomorrow! He is moving across the road to the barn that I work at 3 mornings a week. Although he wont get as much pasture time once come late winter/spring (hay fields are the pasture) he will have a paddock on his stall. Here are some pictures of his new digs! His paddock is covered in grass right now as it hasnt had a horse in it all summer, im sure he wont mind cleaning it up!

The stall

From mid paddock with stall over hang!
He can hang his head out!

Added sawdust to arena!

He currently looks homeless as he doesnt have a rain sheet yet and apparently enjoys standing in the rain, over being under shelter, so he is a big mud ball! I am going to be a super mean mom and bathe him tomorrow (with warm water of course) once he gets to the barn. I really wish that he was moving to the same barn as Mystic, especially since my schedule just got even more busy (added hours at work) but this is our second best option. I also work 2 horses at that barn once a week and one could be a good ponying horse!

No more hair!

In other news.... Mystic got clipped! I had been trying to hold out till November to help keep this year to 2 clip jobs but I couldnt wait any longer, and I am glad I did it! Between his sweating a lot, having thick hair, and the weather going down hill it was making for long cool outs or not hard rides. There is nothing I love more than a clipped horse in the winter! We have also had some nice hard but rewarding rides recently. He is definitely getting me in better shape!

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