2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jurys out

A couple months ago, before Mystic had his little 3 week 'vacation' I applied to be a demo rider for the end of year ODS Fall Festival. Being selected would mean a lesson on both Saturday and Sunday with either Debbie Mcdonald and/or Janet Foy! I didnt really expect to get picked as I knew there would be a ton of applicants so I kind of forgot about it, especially with our recent time off. This morning I got an email saying that we were selected as a 1st alternate! Obviously my hopes are not high as far as actually getting to ride, between the 2 riders already selected and us not being up to that level of work yet so should we not be ready I wouldnt go even if someone dropped out, but I still think it is super cool we got selected. There were like 5 different committees that were selecting riders based on a application/video submission and I think I read there were over 60 applicants.

I forgot to add these pro pictures (Mammamo Photography) from the state fair!

Along with that fun piece of news another fun piece is that if you open up your Dressage Today magazine there is an awesome article on Gypys in dressage and there might be a pictures of us in there :) Kind of cool!

He is back in work but we are taking it slow. Today was the first day that I have really asked him much of anything past training level work/frame. It is amazing how out of practice we both are, so glad no one was there to watch me ride. It did not feel pretty, but it felt so nice to be back on him and actually working instead of plunking (which we are very good at doing). I tried to be really conscious of the fact that we are out of practice/shape so would only ask for small amount of the harder work before giving him a break. There is no sense in rushing it now. Overall he is feeling great, we definitely have a lot to work on to get to where we left off but we are slowly chipping away.

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