2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, September 28, 2014

XC Schooling Baby Edition

We rounded out the busy baby filled month with a our babies first trip to Inavale for some baby XC schooling! Mystic is currently on the slow track to getting back into shape but I figured a little walking around a field with brief trotting moments wouldn't hurt so he got to come be the baby sitter. I am so impressed with how our horses have done this month. They are seasoned travelers and very well behaved and well mannered in new places.

The babies

The babies got to stand tied to the trailer while I quickly tacked up Mystic and then we were off to explore the woods. I rode Mystic while ponying Mylo and my friend led her baby Jolene behind us. As we were walking on the trails we got our usual "Is the Mystic!" from a lady on a horse out there. I was telling my friend that I cant take him anywhere looking homeless (I quickly rebraided before we left) because someone always recognizes him, even if I dont know who they are! He is somewhat of a local celeb around here ;)

The babysitter who would rather not but still puts up with it

My boys <3

We came out of the woods (where I was supposed to come out of them at the horse trials I got us lost at... still a bitter subject!) into the second main field that has the banks and ditches in it along with some small logs and began throwing stuff at the babies. Logs? No problem. Banks? Up or down didnt matter as they both did it without hesitation. The dreaded ditch? Who cares, not these ponies! The big test came at the water complex in the next field over. I was happy to see that it had a lot of water for this time of year. I didnt figure Mylo would care and he didnt, as usual, and walked right in to enjoy a little splash in the water. After taking Mylo through I traded my friend for her filly and we solidified our perfect outing with her walking right in also. These babies are going to be SO easy to show once they are riding! Then to make the outing that much better we decided to see if Mylo would self load into the trailer. Its a big 4 horse gooseneck with a rear tack which makes the last stall small. If your horse cant back out or is any kind of uncomfortable in that space there is no way it would work. Even with Mylo I have to squeeze inbetween him and the wall, thankfully he is really good. I walked him up to it and he loaded right up! Best. Baby.Ever.

Mystic LOVES to just stand in the water!

Double fisting the babies

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