2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So alike yet so different

Mystic and Mylos sire, Pride, passes on the best brains to every single one of his foals. I have yet to meet one that isnt super smart, willing, and level headed. The fun part about having half brothers is that you get to see all of the similarities and difference between the two. Looking at them they are like two peas in a pod as far as markings, minus Mylos mostly black face, but as far as personalities go they are much different.

His cookie face

Mystic would be the humble popular guy in school who would do anything for me. Deep inside, okay not that deep, he is a big chicken but he doesnt want everyone to know and he draws a lot of confidence from me. We work together and have so much success because of our relationship. He is a long term commitment kind of a dude :)
Top: Mid June 2014 Bottom: Today

Mylo would not however be the humble dude! He would be funny guy that knows everyone and is always goofing off. He is more than happy to work for me but would be just has happy to go work for anyone who will give him some attention. He is much more independent and brave than Mystic, infact he was almost leading Mystic down the beach the other weekend! If people are there then you are sure to see Mylo close by. So far his personality has been a huge asset to beginning his training!
Looking all cute in his braids

After ground driving tonight for just the 3rd time I decided to start him on pulling things behind him, one thing that sets Mystic off. I started by dragging a post behind him while I was holding the rope right next to him so he could get used to the idea of something following him. He definitely noticed it but trucked right along next to me. After a could rounds of that I looped the rope through him surcingle but instead of tying to just to him I held onto the other end just in case someone happened and I needed it to release. He was great! He pulled it behind him with no issues what so ever. Next I took a trash bag filled with pop cans and started by throwing it on/around him. All he really wanted to do was grab the bag, pick it up, and try to get the cans out! He didnt mind the noise, it flying around, etc so I tied it onto the surcingle and walked him around with it, once again with no issues. He actually ended up reaching around, ripping the bag open, and started pulling the cans/bottles out! I am so looking forward to next fall when I can start him under saddle, he is going to be one fun pony!

Eating the bag.... oh Mylo!

Mystic is still on stall rest but has improved a lot since day 1 which is a good sign. I upped his hand walking time a little for this week and hopefully by our 2 week mark we will be sound. I have been really good about keeping him on a schedule as far as hand walking, wrapping, etc. Tuesday I went to trot him to see what he looked like and he decided to wanted to do more. Normally, even on stall rest, he is very manageable and good but he definitely got a wild hair as I was skiing behind him holding on for dear life. Needless to say I marched back to the barn for his bridle for a little manner reminder ;) After that he trotted almost sound and I got my hopes up a little too much. He seemed to warm up out of his slight funkiness and looked 99 %normal after just a few circles. In total he trotted mate 2 minutes between each direction. The next day, when I had extra eyes on the ground, I trotted him again and he was ever so slightly worse but once again seemed to 'work' out of it a little. So he will stay on stall rest with handwalking 25 minutes a day (with his hand grazing also, obviously) with no trotting till at least Monday. If no improvement then its time to think about having the vet out. I just hate to do it right away because 99% of the time with lamenesses like this they say "Bute, stall rest, and hand walking". Then you just wasted your money for them to tell you what you already know! At least this way I would feel good about going straight to diagnostic stuff like xrays should the lameness persist even after his rest.

Hand grazing this boy, its his favorite part :)

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