2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, September 15, 2014

Perrydale Trails

Yesterday we resumed Alyssa and my baby torture month, this time Alanna also came along. We loaded up our babies and headed up to Perrydale Trails! For those not in this area, Perrydale is a farm that is dedicated to outdoor trail obstacles. There are about 3 different fields that you can travel between and within those fields there are around 100 total obstacles! Thankfully a lot of them were very baby friendly and Mylo conquered them all! There was everything between logs on the grounds to water obstacles to big fake animals.

Our first animal friend, he was very intrigued by them!
Our last animal friend, this one was a little sketchier on the approach!
I was super happy with how Mylo took everything in. He never once refused to try and pretty much just walked right up to/on/over/etc every single obstacle. The great part about him is his curiosity so his first instinct is to always go check it out versus getting away from it.

He was more interested in eating the rope... Thats a Gypsy for you!
First one over the big boy bridge!

He walked around the whole time on a loose lead and was very respectful of my space. Overall I really couldnt have asked any more from him. This boy is going to be worth his weight in gold with a little time under saddle. Sadly reality hit that I wont be the one riding him because as you can see in the pictures my legs are longer than his by a long shot HA!
Another bridge
Such a cutie he is!
He climbed right up with me!
Navigating a mound
He has become a well seasoned traveler and that is with only 4 trips under his belt! This upcoming Saturday we are hitting yet another schooling show (heading back to the same place as his very first show) and we will see how the Perrydale trip helps his in hand trail class :) We are still working on what we are going to do with them the last weekend of the month. Then he will get a nice long winter to just be a horse, grow up, and enjoy his last winter not having to work because come next fall this boy will be under saddle!


  1. D'aww he's so cute I just want to hug him! Love how he's looking at all the "friends".

    1. He really is adorable! He loved his little "friends" haha