2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the mend

Thankfully all my animals seem to be on the mend this week. My poor bionic dog (who has already had a full hip replacement and TPLO knee surgery) has been growing fatty lumps and warts. They havent bothered him and we knew they were fatty so we hadnt had them removed. He decided to try and remove one of the warts on his toe and was semi successful. Needless to say since he was already going to be under for his toe we just had them all taken off. He resembles a patchwork quilt right now, poor guy! At 10 years old I told him he is more than welcome to not need any more surgeries. Luckily he is doing really well and has already had his drains removed.

At the vet with his sad eyes!

The rough life after sx with his nasty drainy t-shirt

Mystic seems to be improving also. Today marks 3 weeks and he is finally sound and on individual turnout in a small pasture and I am riding him. So far we have done lots of tack walking with some trotting mixed in. Tomorrow will be our first day cantering, as long as all goes well he will get to go back out with the boys! I am SO happy I finally have someone to ride with, a barn friend bought a new horse, so that makes all these torturous walking rides bearable.

This tail though

Houston, we have a saddle!

The last 3 weeks have been filled with many hair days

Last weekend we bagged on taking our babies to the show as I headed up to my dads house to celebrate his birthday, watch my cousins football game, and hang out with family. This upcoming weekend we are going to take them to Inavale to tackle some fun baby stuff they have out there. We are going to take our riding horses to pony them so we can do the water, ditches, banks, and just walk the trails and such. It should be a fun outing although it will kill me to not be able to jump any of the xc fences :)

One day his front end will catch up... one day!


  1. Hey Tarra, have you seen the latest issue of Dressage Today? :D

    1. I havent gotten mine yet, but yes there is a little surprise in there ;)