2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, March 11, 2016


It is really amazing what opportunities can come when circumstances change. In the last 5 or so year I have been very limited in the lessons I have been able to take. I was generally a once a monther with our dressage trainer, 2 when I could make it work, and sometimes we went without when I got busy. I can count on one hand the number of jump lessons Mystic and I have had since I got him. Flash forward to this month, at our new barn, and I have already had a dressage lesson and two jump lessons! And it doesn't end there. I will have another jump lesson next week, the 2 day Eric Smiley jump clinic the week after, and a 2 day Jessica Wisdom dressage clinic right after that. So in March alone I will have the same number of lessons that I would normally have in an 8 month time period and I am super excited about all of it!

The only downfall is that we still only get to see our regular dressage trainer once a month and that is what we really need right now if we plan to show 3rd. Dressage is hard and we have not been friends recently. Mystic and I had a really rough lesson last weekend after what felt like a lot of progress in the previous month. I was super hard on myself after it but I went and jumped a few jumps and ignored it for a few days before returning to work. Hopefully we get these kinks worked out by our first dressage show.

Our second jump lesson however was awesome! We picked up right where we left on in the last one. We started with little jumps on a circle and worked on adjusting his stride between fitting 5 and 4 strides between the two. We have a super easy time getting the shorter compact strides but have a harder time going more forward. This exercise, although torture, really helped open his stride up. Overall his jump feels better then ever! Which says a lot since we have only jumped twice year. I am getting a better feel of the canter we need and had fewer instances of me dropping him at the base of the fence. I am super happy that he is making easy work of the novice sized fences even when he gets more of a short spot. Gives me hope for Rebecca Farms 2017 ;)

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  1. Your boy is so adorable regardless of what he's doing. :-)