2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stall rest = Equivilent to feeding him crack

Mystic has now been stuck in his stall for a month. That is a month with no grass, no room to run and be irritated by fellow pasture mates, and no muddy spots to roll in. I mean how is a guy supposed to stay sane when he is stuck in a stall all day with no toys to play with and limited amounts of hay to prevent him from becoming an umpalumpa (not sure of the spelling on that?!)! All of this because he tried to rip his bottom teeth out on his blanket bar. So because of all of that he is not allowed to graze or have any kind of toy that he could loosen up his teeth more. He also cant have regular buckets because we dont want him biting down on hard things so he also has rubber water and grain tubs. Oh what a high maintenance guy he is!
Ok so to the title of this post (all that was setting the scene for you). He is seriously losing his sanity! I feel so bad having to leave him inside but then again I am saving him from being toothless at age 5, so.... I dont feel bad for too long! While in his stall he finds every surface to rub his butt on, rubs his teeth on the wall, and bangs the door with his legs. Then when you halter him and tie him up to groom him/tack him up he moves his butt around everywhere, unties himself (its actually pretty funny because I taught him to stay in his stall even with the door open so he unties himself then pokes his head out the door, making sure everything else is inside the stall and looks at me all proud of himself!), and tries to rub his lips all over you asking for cookies. Although he is quite entertaining it does get annoying after a little bit! But you cant get mad because he is just so funny and has the best personality about it! Then of course you go to ride him and he is Mr. Lazy and acts like you have ridden him for 3 hours already! That may be an exaggeration but he isnt naughty at all like you would expect any horse to be after being stuck in a stall. He was being a goof tonight about my jacket that I tried to hang on a hook but missed and was laying in the corner of the arena. He was looking at it like it was a great white shark ready to swallow him whole! He definitely keeps us laughing all the time.
His beautiful and big stocking :)
He also got his stocking hung, finally. I got it made last week but I was gone over the weekend and it wasnt dry before I left so I didnt get to hang it until today. But it sure looks good and there is plenty of room for lots of goodies from Santa :)
Not so good picture but I was alone. It is proof though :)

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