2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Pony!

Mystic had a great show on Saturday. I opted to just do one test with him as he is definitely more of a one test guy. With 2 in one day he gets pooped out by the second. I would rather be able to spend some time warming up and have one solid test then 2 decent tests.

For the most part he was great! He was quite heavy on my right rein (nothing new... something we have been working on!) and we totally tanked our stretchy trot which is super unusual for us. Usually I can count on a solid 7 if not higher on that one. Our scores were very good, our biggest struggle is with our lengthening which we already know are hard for him. We havent pushed them with him since he is still young but I really felt as though he is starting to grasp the idea that he can lengthen his stride. I can see in our video a couple strides where it looks like he got it before losing it again. Overall he was consistent and good. We had no bobbles like we did at Champs and although our score was lower I felt much better about it. My biggest accomplishment from the test was our 7 and 8 that we got on our leg yeilds. I have spent a lot of time working on them and it has taken a long time to get him where we are now! I feel as if we still need more work to get him a little more solid on them but I am very happy with where we are at. Once we can get our lengthenings better I think he will be in the 70s as all his other scores were a 7 or higher. Not much to complain about there!

We ended up in 2nd place behind our trainers 3rd level dressage mare that is coming back from an injury. Another thing we cant complain about! He has a bright future thats for sure :)

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  1. your doing rreally well with him! glad that you had a good test and that you felt more confident over it! xx