2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, July 22, 2012

XC Schooling!

I would like to start this by saying how much I LOVE this horse! He continues to amaze me everyday (well most days :))
We headed out to Inavale this afternoon to go schooling. My game plan going into it was to warm up over just a couple fences in one area then put a course together, with the water included in it, just to see how he handled everything. He really hasnt jumped much at all but I wanted to test him to see how he would react to the water and new fences. He was GREAT! He went right into the water with just the slightest slow down to check it out first (still trotting though!). He ran out on one fence that was in a line (he has done very little line work and is still figuring out where his legs go) but jumped it just fine the second time when I rode him to it better. He had 2 really big hesitations at 2 different fences but when I sat up and squeezed with my legs to tell him that it really was okay he hoped right over them. That is just the reaction I was hoping for! I figured he would question some just because he doesnt have much experience but when I stepped up, and said no really I do want you to jump it, he jumped.

I found out that he really does like to jump! He was hauling me around out there! Power steering? Nope it was gone... speedy pony legs? YES we had those! It was so much fun to ride a horse that was just so game for everything I pointed him at. I always knew that he was going to jump it when his pony ears went up and he picked up his pace! I do think that a snaffle may not cut it for us out there though. He was super strong.

Another thing... whoever said Vanners cannot jump has not seen this boy! He has serious hops and is very tidy with his front end also. He tucks his little knees up to his chin!

We are slowly going to get all our eventing tack. Our focus has been on dressage since he has been young still (he turns 5 in like 2 weeks!) so we really dont have much stuff for jumping. He needs a cute little figure 8 bridle, a breastplate for sure, maybe a new bit, and some special boots to protect his tree trunk legs :)

Back to dressage work as we have a show on Saturday! Lesson on Wednesday to prepare for it with our Teacher Mary. Hopefully she doesnt kick our butts to bad on Wednesday as we have had a little break from lessons!

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