2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 season and whats next?!

Looking back on our 2012 show season I am so proud of my pony! We had a couple hiccups in our schedule of some shows at the end of the year (when we didnt know what was wrong with him) so we missed a dressage show, an eventing derby (which we didnt get to at all this year as the first one got cancelled), and the Northwest Gypsy Affair. So we didnt get to go to a breed show or a derby this year at all, sadly. On a happy note, out of the 9 tests that we rode at shows this year (all at first level) we won  of them! The other two? we placed second behind dressage trainers (one being the ponys teacher and the other one of our friends)! What more could I ask for! Along with that we were 2012 ODS First Level League Champions and took home both the high point and reserve high point percentage from the Beaver Piaffe show. Our test average from the whole season is a 69.5! I would say this season has done us well :)

Once we get our cooler and trophy from the Beaver Piaffe show we are going to do a mini photo shoot with all our winnings from this year :) But I have no idea when that will be... I still have not heard from them.

As for 2013? Our general plan (not all dates are out yet) goes at follows:
Heart of the Valley 1 and 2 (one weekend)- most likely at first level. We prob wont be ready for 2nd then.
Inavale Farms One day
Inavale Farms recognized 3 day (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Dressage at Devonwood
Oregon State Fair (breed show)
ODS Championships @ Devonwood
Northwest Gypsy Affair (breed show)

This of course would be my dream schedule. Im positive it wont all happen (I hate not having money!) and I will have to narrow it down but I WILL be doing a recognized event and I WILL be showing at Devonwood  one way or another in 2013!

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