2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bye bye 2012 show season

Its been real 2012... Real good that is! Im so happy with how we did this year. Today was our last show of 2012. It was a dressage show put on by OSU. We did first level test 1 and 3. I did that so we didnt have to warm up as much for test 1 because he seems to think he needs a 5 hour nap in between tests :) That way we got to do 2 tests but I dont feel as bad working him good. Maybe im just giving him excuses. Its not like 2 tests is any different then working at home!

Anyways he was a start as normal. There were a few things I knew could have been better right when I came out but overall I was very happy with both of them. Especially considering he is just coming back after having a month off. Most horses a month wouldnt do much of a difference but 3 days off and he loses fitness. A whole month? By then he is back to mr. chub-a-lub who cant work 5 minutes without sweating! My goal going into today was to get a 70% (or above) at first one and 65% (or above) at first three. I know that is asking a lot but this horse has spoiled me so much with our high scores! He feeds my ego way to much (and it already doesnt need any help!). Well.... mission accomplished! We got just below and 72 and just below a 74, the two highest test scores of the show! Earning us the high point cooler and the reserve high point trophy. The biggest improvement I have seen has been in our lengthenings. He is actually really starting to get the idea and we are getting some decent ones! We had been getting 5's or a 6 in them but didnt get below and 6.5 today in any of them! I think he really just didnt understand what I wanted from him before. Now it is just a matter of fine tuning.

Overall we got some great comments and great scores. Im so excited to see how we progress over the off season and see where we come out next season. I hope to see 2nd level in our future. I have told my self since the beginning (once we figured out he is good at this dressage thing!) that if we made it to 2nd level together before topping out, physically most likely, I would be one happy girl. This horse continues to take me places I never thought I would be able to go!

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