2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Super crazy week

Brief recap on my week so far...
Sunday? Fell off Mystic (I claim responsibility for that one! Just me being stupid on him!)
Monday? Fell off Chevy (I dont claim responsibility for this one!)
Tuesday? Went to doctor and best friend had her cancer surgery (she is home now! YAY!)
Wednesday? School, work, school, visit Alanna

The poor pony hasnt seen me since Monday. I banged up my hip and arm pretty good (but nothing serious or bad) and have been gimping around everywhere. So I obviously havent been able to ride! I would have gone out to see him yesterday but just didnt have time. He had been going back into work really well. We still had not cantered yet but he was feeling solid at the trot. Im going to try to hop on him tonight and see how I feel. Worst case I can just get him out and walk on him.

I really hope I am clear from any more awful things for awhile. I would say getting rear ended and falling off 2 horses within 5 days of eachother is enough for awhile!

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