2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, December 3, 2012

Extreme Trail!

Yesterday we took Mystic and Pants to the indoor extreme trail course in Eugene. That place is SO cool! Even though its not our normal scene its nice to get them out to do everything. Although Mystic definitely was  having to take it all in when we first walked in he handled it all very well. He ended up doing everything there except for the water. This shocked me because I thought that would be the one thing he wouldnt really mind doing... Sadly I didnt bring my tall muck boots as I didnt think it would be an issue. Next time he can bet I am bringing my boots and we are getting in that water! Everything else went really good and it was a great experience for him for sure.
Of course we got all the silly comments people normally say when they see him. Its actually rather annoying sometimes now. People just say the stupidest things! I dont mind people asking me about him at all but I dont need to hear your life story about a black and white horse you once knew or owned. We did make a little girl happy when she got to pet him though, it was super cute.

We even did a tiny bit of bridleless at the end

Love this one! Mystic and Panties :)

Now we are back to real work. We need to do our homework from our last lesson so we can keep working towards our 2nd level goal at our next lesson later this month. He has definitely been improving!


  1. wow i love the pictures you two look so good together

  2. what an amazing place! That is awesome. I didn't even know such things existed.

  3. A) your boy is gorgeous.

    B) Have you been at the mountain trail clinics before? there was a beeeauuutiful Gypsy there last time I took the mares and I'm curious if it was you guys! Either way, love it!