2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In a perfect world

Yesterday I was online looking at the ODS calendar for next year thinking "I want to do this, and this, and this, oh that would be fun, definitely going to this, etc!". Then I get all excited before going back and thinking that I would have to have 10 jobs to pay for it all! Why do horses have to be so dang expensive! I seriously dont get how I see all these people that go to every single recognized dressage or eventing shows in our area plus take lessons weekly plus clinic when someone comes around. What is your secret because I would sure LOVE to be in your shoes!

Every year I try to make a list of all the shows and events I would like to go to the next year. I think I have started one on here already but here is my updated list. As they get closer I will have to pick and choose, some may do it for me if I am out of money at that time or already have plans. But in a perfect world I would love to go to all of them!

-Dressage for the Ages (March)- debut our 2nd level test 1 here at a nice relaxing league show and see what kind of comments/scores we get.

-All Breed Challenge at the Horse Expo (March)

-Heart of the Valley (May)- this would be our first recognized dressage show and our first time showing at Devonwood! This kind of depends on how we do in March and how we progress from there. I dont want to  go back and do First 2/3 but also dont want to go and make a fool of ourselves at second!

-Inavale Farms 1-day Horse Trials (June)- In prep for our first recognized 3 day event!

-Inavale Farms Recognized 3-day Event (June)- Our first recognized event! Ive been waiting for this one forever! We will do BN :)

-Dressage at Devonwood (July)- Also wanted to do this one forever!

-ODS Young rider camp (August)- 4 day long camp at Devonwood where I get to take Mystic and get lessons each day. It also leads up to the young rider team competition that is held up there also.

-Inavale Farms Eventing Camp (August)- its normally in August I think and would be fun to take the pony to I think!

-ODS Young Rider Competition (August)- Would need to get a team together but would be super fun!

-Oregon State Fair Breed Show (August)- we didnt get to do any breed shows last year so definitely want to do at least one this year

-ODS Championship show (September)- if we qualify that is...

-Aspen Farms 3-day Horse Trials (September)- problem is both this and ODS championships are on the same weekend! So if we dont qualify for championships would could go to this. I would love to do 2 events in a year but would also love to compete at Devonwood!

We have quite the growing, expensive list going! Time to start looking for more jobs... :)


  1. I think it's good that you know where you want to go, shows your organized and no where you want to get to if that makes sense