2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lazy, lazy!

Yeah that has been me with my pony! We have done a lot of bareback on these cold nights. It has been super fun and I love it but the more I think about it, March really isnt that far off! Im not saying we having done actual work at all but for the last week and a half it has probably been split 50/50 :) We have a lesson next week so its time to get back to business. I feel like this walk-canter and canter-walks have improved a bit. A lot more so tracking left than right (his harder side) but he is definitely getting the concepts.

It is always hard for me to go do real riding at the barn after I get off work in the beginning of winter because it gets so dark and cold. None of which are motivating factors! It honestly happens every year. Then I think about the upcoming show season and I get over it and get back to work. So weird how I work but I know exactly what is up! We STILL have not gotten our cooler but should this week for our 2012 show season pictures with our winnings!

When I got to the barn tonight I took one look at my horse and thought "you sure look like you could be standing on the street corner holding a sign"! He was so nasty! Since there were lessons in the arena tonight I just went to town on cleaning him up a little bit. I shampooed his feather and shampooed and conditioned both his mane and tail (mean mommy I know!). He looked much better but not show ready of course. I then hoped on for a nice short ride to get him going again after having the weekend off. He is really becoming a character under saddle some times. I think he is getting more fit as we progress with harder work and after having the weekend off he was feeling good! Apparently big slugs on the wall and the sand flying up and hitting the door were quite exciting tonight. He was definitely keeping me entertained. The best part is that his 'excited' is most normal horses normal. Plus you know he is just feeling frisky because he normal could care less about just about anything. I think he was feeling like a new man after getting his hair did :)


  1. ohhh sounds like you had a good grooming session at this time of the year it is really hard to get motivated, im glad that hes doing well tho :)

    1. It is really hard when it is so cold! Cant wait till summer already!