2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back at it!

Nothing makes coming home from vacation better then your ponies full on galloping up to you in the pasture. SO cute (especially since it isnt the norm for them haha)! They have been better about meeting me, but never that excited!

Pony got his crazy homeless looking hair done before I tacked up for a ride. The weather has been a bit crazy here where it alternates between somewhat normal to 100 mile an hour winds to pouring down rain. It is definitely a day where I am super thankful to have an indoor arena! I remember when I was first starting Tolo in the winter and there wasn't an indoor at the time. He was super good (as usual) but did need some reminding about what my leg actually means. A key point I picked up from our last lesson, that was way to long ago, is that he needs to become much sharper in his reaction to me putting my leg on. Yes he responds but it is generally a half hearted attempt. I am really going to work on getting him moving off my leg much quicker. It doesnt take much to get him sharpened up but I need to really be conscious of it and demand the same results each and every time which seems to be a weak point of mine. Overall it was a great first ride after just over a week off!

As you can tell the geldings seemed to have a fun time helping Mystic tear apart his grazing muzzle. Well played Mystic, well played. Luckily he isnt looking too bad fatness wise. He could stand to lose some more but getting back into harder work should help. Another boarder and I have a winter weight loss plan for our horses haha!

I also hoped on Tolo. He got a much shorter and less demanding ride. We mostly just plunked around and walked a while while I chatted with Alanna who brought Roz over. It is so nice to have horses that you can just walk around on the buckle and talk without having to worry about anything naughty going on. Definitely was a great first day back in the saddle :)

Sadly it is also the first day they got their rain sheets on :/ Im still holding up hope that this is just a temporary thing and we will have decent weather for another month or so but im sure that wont happen. Im not ready to lose the sun for 6 months just yet!

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  1. It seems likes its raining everywhere. Just the other, it was pouring down rain, cold, and windy. Ugh. I don't mind how cool it is, but I'm so not ready for rain.