2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, September 8, 2013


So remember the other week when I had to take down all those bees hives in the trailer? Well im pretty sure the bee Gods came back for revenge yesterday. I warmed pony up in the arena then headed out to the field to jump a little. We warmed up over some trot poles and small cross rails before working our way up to some verticals, the brush boxes, and a decent sized (close to 3' probably!) plank. He was on fire! The few distances we got bad were all rider errors but otherwise he was spot on. Distances, lead changes, and going forward to the fences. He was AWESOME.

I popped him over everything a couple times, put some short sequences together then called it a day. About 20 seconds after I brought him to a walk and was going to go on a nice walk around the field to cool out he started shaking his head really bad and got super agitated and before I knew it we were swarmed by hundreds of bees. Apparently we hit an underground bees nest and they were some seriously pissed off bees! I swung off of him right away to let him escape the swarm by himself and he took off (not sure I have ever see him run that fast haha!) back to the barn. Meanwhile the little suckers are all over me! I was swatting him away, flicking them off of me, and running away at the same time! Luckily our BO and a friend were on the ground and took off to fetch my pony as I danced my way back to the barn while the stupid things followed me! Pony had run all the way out to his pasture gate before he got most of the bees off of himself (there were a few in his hair that they killed when I caught him). I felt so bad for him! The BO brought me some drugs and ice while my friend untacked and hosed off pony. We checked him over and found about 6 places he got stung on his hind end so he got some bute, grain, and apples. By then he had already recovered from the traumatizing experience!

Last night when I went to check on him :)

I went out later last night to check on him and found only 2 main swollen parts, one on his chest and one on his hind stifle. I know he got stung more but couldnt find any more. He was his same ole happy boy begging for apples when I went out! Hopefully they dont look too bad today as I know mine all tripled in size over night :/ I thought I got stung 5 times but actually got 7. Three on my left leg, three on my right leg and one on my arm. Pretty sure I have only been stung 2 times in my life before now and I hope to keep it to 9 now! They itch SO bad all the time. Definitely looking forward to them not bothering me anymore. They woke me up last night and I had to fall asleep with a bag of peas on them as that was the only time they didnt itch! I am not a fan!

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  1. Ouch! Hope you guys are alright. My parents and dog got attacked by giant wasps once. Wasn't fun.