2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, June 27, 2014

Exceeding expectations

Mylo has by far exceeded any of my expectations and it has only been two days. I definitely expected to get a half naughty little guy that didn't tolerate much, boy am I happy I say how wrong I was! The little dude is seriously awesome! Not only does he come running to the gate to meet me but he seems to truely love being with me over anything else. He is such a ham and has the whole great thing down. If I am in his pasture he is right by me, if I run away he comes trotting after me. If that isn't enough to make you fall in love already than his super mind will. I brought the clippers out this morning and even though he has never seen them before I was able to do his bridle path, goat hairs, and whiskers. Not only that but I took his halter off to do his goat hairs!

Later in the afternoon I brought him out again and washed his tail. Once again, the hose/water was a total non issue. His tail will take a few washes to get totally white but it was already worlds better. He really needs a full bath, his mane is awful, but it was pretty rainy today so he got lucky. Before putting him away I threw a saddle pad all over him and he couldn't have cared any less. Seriously good baby brain!

Tomorrow we will play with a tarp and maybe some more fun toys depending on how he does. I will work on getting good confirmation pictures once he gets all cleaned up.

Mystic was great tonight also, not that it is unusual :) now that the hay is off the fields we are able to do our walking warm up out there before hitting the arena for some real work. A few days ago was our first time jumping outside since the course got set up and he was awesome! Grids, planks, flowers, etc. he really is a whole different horse to jump and is a total go getter, very fun to ride! June has been crazy busy so we have sadly fallen off the lesson wagon. Once we get back up to speed we will need a thorough butt kicking :)

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