2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holy Moly!

SO much has happened, especially in the last couple of days. Mystic is doing really good and before I left for the weekend to visit my dad we were schooling some half pass and just a tiny bit of flying changes every few rides. I think we are finally starting to put it together and he knows what I am asking now. He has always been fun to ride but with all these new fun buttons he is just that much more fun! Makes me super excited to hopefully be ready to show 3rd level next year, I totally think we can rock it.

When I was out of town for the weekend I handed over pony duties to Alanna. I got a great report from their ride on Saturday and a nice text on Sunday telling me she did his hair and took him on a bareback walk. Due to massive amount of homework (yay dead week) I didnt make it out last night but headed out tonight to find a homeless looking horse! Instead of riding He got a deep wash/soak where his pee stains were and got his hair re braided and put up. Then we went on a nice bareback walk down the road. Back to real work tomorrow :)

While I was out of town I got to visit Tolo! I am super happy to report that he is going great and is happy and healthy. He was having some bucking issues so I suggested getting a chiropractor out and his owner did that last week, he was uneven in his hips so he got that all fixed. Apparently he loved the guy working on him! I then got a nice follow up text on Monday saying he got his teeth done. I couldnt be happier with his home and was super happy to see him. I think he remembered me and was his normal cuddly self!

As for the fun new news... we have a new addition that will be making an appearance here in a couple of weeks! I will spare you all the details but a newly gelded (as in today!) 2 year old Gypsy will be making his way from NC to Oregon in the next few weeks! Both his dam and sire were owned by my aunt and uncle before he was sold inutero with his momma to a great lady. Sadly after being sold after birth he ended up in a sticky situation and the previous owner actually got him back without intending to. The best part? He has the same daddy as Mystic! It has all happened very fast and was very unexpected but I am really looking forward to getting him home and getting him all fixed up and pretty. If he grows up to be half as nice as his big brother Mystic he is going to be one fun little guy. Name suggestions welcome as he doesnt really have one (sad, I know!). Right now my favorite is Mylo but obviously it could all change after I meet him. For now I will leave you with his adorable baby picture :)
Those ears!


  1. Oh my gosh! Adorable baby photo. You've been holding out on me!!!

  2. So will baby brother join Mystic as YOURS?

  3. Mylo is a great name! Two Gypsies, oh my gosh! How fun! Is he a keeper or a resale project?

    1. It all depends on how he matures! I think he is going to be a smaller guy so resale or lease is likely. We will see :)

  4. Aw cute!!! Can't wait to hear about the new one.