2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Playing catch up

I am finally back from my trip to Chicago and Indiana after being gone for a week. One thing people take for granted when they have horses that do not have almost 5 foot long manes is that when you leave your horse for a week they tend to look homeless on your return. Since I couldn't wait till tonight to visit I made a stop this morning and washed his mane/tail and rebraided him so he could look respectable again! I heard that the girls that were taking care if him ride him almost everyday I was gone which was so nice! I am glad he didn't just sit. Sadly, he got tossed out of his diet pasture and thrown right back into the big one and gained a solid chunk of weight back. It was bad timing in general with me being gone, so he wasn't worked hard, and then the added extra grass. On that note he has to go back in a grazing muzzle. I was really hoping he could still have a diet pasture but it isn't looking like that is the case.

Tonight, after work, I headed out because we had an acupuncture appointment for him. He has never had it done before but one of our good barn friends was having her mare done and since it was a a vet friend from her work she did it for super cheap. So I figured why not? He was a little weirded out to start and did his usual twitchy thing but by the end he was licking, chewing, and getting all sleepy. His lip was droopy and overall he was super relaxed, it seemed like he really liked it!

It's too bad the vet is moving away because it would be interesting to see if there were changes in him after a few sessions!

On the new little man front he has officially left NC and is on his way home! News is he has been gaining weight and is very sweet. I can't wait till he is home and I can play with him. A spa day is definitely one of the first items on the to do list :)

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