2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Looking Back: 2014 edition part 2

This was a pretty laid back month for us after a solid go of the first half of the year. Mylo got to go to his very first show. He wasn't in perfect show condition as far as weight and muscle yet but it was a great outing for him. He screamed a little, stood some but was wiggly some also (mostly at the end). Best part was that he loaded/unloaded like a dream with no practice! 
Tying to the trailer really tested his patience!

August brought us to our once a year breed show that we attend. Mylo didn't get to go this year as he was (still is haha) so awkward and I did want to spend $250 on a show for him to do 3 classes when he was so gangly and baby looking. Mystic was a total star and swept all his riding classes including English pleasure, dressage suitability, trail, musical freestyle, and lead line. Along with those he got reserve champion gelding.

More than that though he  was a great example of the breed and was a perfect gentlemen for all his visitors (so many visitors!). The judge absolutely loved him and have him rave reviews all weekend.

This month was a great month for Mylo but a rough month for Mystic. He ended up being lame all of it and was on stall rest. Thankfully he is all well and no worse for the wear now :)
Standing wraps on a Vanner... Not as easy as it should be!

Mylo has major outings this month including the beach, another show, XC schooling, and to Perrydale Trails! Each outing he got better and better and he was a total star! It was so much fun to get him out and have him respond as well as he did.

Basically I was just trying to get through the month. Hours at work increased, school was going and the boys got semi neglected. Mylo moved into his barn at the end of the month.

He is enjoying the pampered pony life!

Just as crazy as October but we managed an outing to the indoor trail course in Eugene that was a ton of fun!

Pretty sure my saddle made very few appearances this month.

Mylo remained at the barn and even got saddled for the first time! We did some desensitizing and he could care less about any of it.

Someone is going to need an actual pony saddle...

Nothing much to say about December so far either. The boys are happy, healthy, and ready for the new year! I will post my 2015 goals for both of them a little later. For now, I leave you with a cute Christmasy Mylo and Mystic posing by his 2014 ribbons :)

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