2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Goals

Well hopefully we will accomplish more of our goals in 2015 than we did in 2014 but honestly, it was still a great year for us so there are no complaints from me :)

Here were our 2014 ones:
-Solidify our 2nd level work and show at all 3 tests by end of year (even if its just at a league show) and hopefully earn some, or all, of our 1st + 2nd level scores for my bronze medal
This was a 2/3 completion! We got all of our 1st and 2nd level scores towards my bronze but did not show 2nd level test 3. That was totally fine with me and if we had been getting our lessons the last half of the year this would have easily been done.
Nothing but smiles :)

-If we can get our act together compete at league championships at 2nd level
Qualified, yes! Competed, no :( We would have just done 1st level this year but in 2015 2nd level should be a god!

-Compete at Devonwood!!! (as many times as we can afford. If its just once I will be thrilled but more would be amazing)
Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Loved every second of it and cannot wait to go back! 

Favorite place to go down the centerline

-Compete at Inavale again, dont get lost,  and finish on our dressage score that will be in the 20s
A big fat, no. In fact we didn't do anything show wise for eventing and only went xc schooling once.

-School XC more and maybe even move up to novice just at a derby/one day (in no rush to move up at a recognized)

We got out once (well twice if you count the time we ponied Mylo out there). He was a star!

-Have solid dressage pony changes

I wouldn't call them solid but they are coming along! This would be a much bigger success if we were consistent in our lessons.

-Condition him better throughout the year

First half of the year Pony was much more fit! With the lack of work recently he is definitely out of shape. That needs to change!

-Lesson, lesson, lesson! Shoot for 2 a month!

Another first half of year was great and almost non existent the 2nd half :(

All in all it was a great year and I know that had the money been in my account more of these would have been accomplished (or all of them!). The lack of goals completed were in no way due to him which is really encouraging for 2015! 

1) My biggest goal or 2015 is to find a good balance between dressage and eventing shows. I tend to throw myself all into one and totally forget the other and then end up really missing doing the other. I would like to attend at least one recognized of each (hopefully Heart of the Valley ,since it is a double show, and Inavale)

2) Still want to go to Championships!

3) Start Mylo under saddle towards the end of the year and decide what his winter plans will be

4) Show 3rd level at a league show

5) Last but not least find a good balance between school, work, and riding. The end of this year really kicked my butt and I need to get back into a consistent routine!

Heres to a great 2015 :)

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  1. Balance can be tricky...I ride around 7:30pm (most nights besides Monday). Feel free to join me if it helps with the motivation. :)