2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Video Evidence

Here we go...
Thoughts after watching it:
1) Thank God it normally looks better then it feels! It didn't look that much better then it felt but it didn't look like a complete train wreak.

2) Shoulder in? Who needs to do those?! Apparently not us ;)

3) I think our first turn on the haunches wasn't bad for just learning them days before. The 2nd one I laughed after because it was rough... real rough!

3) Good bye simple changes, I hope you return soon!

4) That last canter serpentine was hard to watch, what was I doing?!

Overall I was not riding him strong enough and wasn't getting him off and bent around my inside leg which although it was obvious in our shoulder in was even more obvious in our bad simple changes. Normally we can rock those a lot better. I am glad I got the video and cannot wait to replace it with a much better one next time :)

And now for completely non show related pictures of this adorable creature!
Not a fan of his new bit!

Rocking ground driving (in a halter) like none other!

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  1. That wasn't bad at all. If you can get a 62% on an off day just think of how high you can score when things go right!