2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodbyes are always hard...

No matter how much you know it is for the better or if it was your initial plan goodbyes are ALWAYS hard! It is just really starting to sink in. Our vet came out today to pull some blood for a coggins test and give her yearly vaccines to her for her new owner. Of course she was a perfect angel for it all! My mom and I had the conversation while taking pictures of "its a good thing she fractured her hip.. and that she is a mare..." because we both know that if those were different it would be hard to sell her! She is the height and build that I want/need in a bigger horse and has a really good head on her shoulders. But there really is no point in having 2 horses that can do the same things (Mystic probably better :) ). So tomorrow morning I am hauling her up to Newburg for her owner. It will be nice that I can see where she will be at also.

On another note it will be SO nice to just have Mystic! Between time, money, and energy there just isnt enough for 3 of us! While the vet was out today for Sky I set an appointment for Mystics yearly vaccines and to get his teeth floated (which were close to needing to be done when he tried to rip his teeth out but we had to wait 6 months before we could do them so his teeth could settle again). So next week he will have that done, maybe some XC schooling if they open, the we have a demo thing at the Marion County Fair, and then we have our first eventing derby of the year at LOH the following weekend! He is going to be a busy boy!

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