2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, June 2, 2012

ODS League Championships: Day 1

We will put this day down as a success! He was great from the moment he came off the trailer! Not that traveling is ever a problem for him. Right when we got into the warm up arena he was ready to work. I remember saying "my pony came to play today!". He had a whole crowd following him and watching out ride. Several people asked for my ride time so they could come watch! Some comments heard by myself or other members of Team Mystic were: "He is the best Gypsy Vanner ever!"  "The breed registry should be paying her to promote the breed" and the judges comment: " a true treat to judge- you are riding your horse to the very best of his ability". I cant complain when you get compliments like that! We had a couple bobbles in our test, rider errors, of course, in our areas that we already know are our weaker points but over all put in a very solid test earning us a 68.7 % and currently leading 1st level jr/yr league championships! I couldn't be happier with how today went!
I was just telling Alanna today that never in a million years would I ever have imagined we would be where we are today when he first came home! I knew he would be just a fun horse to have but never did I think we would be successfully competing and winning at first level as a 4 year old! Thanks to Mary for helping us reach our talents, Alanna and my mom for spending countless hours at horse shows or the barn with us even if they were not competing, April for taking care of our man, and of course you cant forget my lovely family at Gypsy Elite Farms who gave me the opportunity to own this beautiful boy!
Along with a successful ride we had a great time catching up with friends at the show and watching them ride! We knew quite a few people there! It was also fun to see Tolo with his owner and trainer competing. We didnt get a chance to go visit with him because I was up to ride my test after his and by the time we went to find him they were gone. Hopefully I can get a picture with him tomorrow :)
SO happy!

His cute skunk forelock braid :)

The crew from today!

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