2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Since getting back from Championships on Sunday Mystic has had a little time to relax. He got Monday off, Tuesday went on a bareback walk around the loop, Wednesday a little bareback work in the arena (not much since there was a young horse and a lesson going on) then a walk around the loop again, then we finally went back to work today! He was really good tonight! We definitely schooled some walk/trot transitions to sharpen those back up especially since I had my whip and could get onto him should he choose to not listen to my leg. It only took the first couple of times for him to realize I meant it!

I have been 'shopping' for him online. More like window shopping actually! I see things and say "if I was given $1000 tomorrow I would get him this!". He needs a new breast collar (last one broke while we were at the beach!), he definitely needs a figure 8 bridle for when he starts his eventing career, then of course he needs some 'ears' and a matching saddle pad, and a white half pad for his jump saddle, and the list goes on and on of course! Slowly we will get all our stuff together and he will be SUPER cute in his eventing gear :)

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