2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in Business

It feels so good to be back to riding! He seems no worse for the wear and we are getting back on track. Yesterday I just took him on a walk in the field followed by 10 minutes of trot work followed by another walk in the field. He felt great in our work but I didnt want to push him too much. Today... he came out great again! Walk/trot/canter and all. Still not sure what was up but thankfully it was very minor and went away :) I told him no more of that stuff.

So back to work we go. I will flat him again tomorrow then jump Thursday to get ready for our jump lesson on Monday. Ideally I would have jumped a couple times since our last one but life gets in the way right?! We will school what we needed to work on last time on Thursday and hope to get a little improvement for our lesson at least.

I went to visit the State Fair Gypsy Show today! After a bunch of political stuff I decided we would just skip this year. Of course this is the year that all the other Oregon Gypsy Elite horses decide to come to. So of course I had to go say hi and watch. They all did great! I also found out that there will be another Gypsy show in Central Point in October! Im actually super excited that we might be going. Its nice to switch it up a little bit every once in awhile, hopefully I can make it work.

hand grazing the other day

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