2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a day, what a day

Today was definitely a day I would like to never relive again. The only saving grace of the day was a great ride on 2 great boys!

Due to part of what made today so crappy I ended up hoping on Chevy for a ride this evening after a short jump session on my boy. I havent ridden him since about 2 weeks ago and I could really tell a difference between then and now! Alanna is doing a great job with him and he is a fun boy to ride.

The pony was super also. This was our first jump since our lesson, due to some slight soundness issues which I told him is to never happen again, so I wanted to keep it short a sweet. He was much more forward which was super nice. I found out that getting him more forward will definitely help the little issues we are having. He isnt super confident over fences yet, especially with long distances, so getting him going into a nice BN xc pace really helps both of us. I can really tell when he gets into a bad distance once he is a little unsure about it the next time. He doesnt say no but he is definitely set back a little. Getting him going more, there for getting  better distances, should really help his confidence. He still really hasnt jumped much and is still figuring it out. He is getting it though and jumped great tonight!

We have another XC lesson on Monday, we are both excited!

In his new breastplate (since his last one broke on the beach!)

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