2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lots to catch up on!

And boy do we have a lot to catch up on! I have been busy house sitting and working and haven't had much computer time, just checking in on my phone.

Mostly we have just continued our work at home. Some flat work with mixed in jumping days and long walking days. It is nice to just enjoy riding your pony on a beautiful night! Yesterday, however, we headed out to Inavale for our first XC lesson with our new jumping trainer! We are going to be taking lessons twice a month along with our friends Alanna and Chevy to help get us ready to compete next year.

Mystic is getting really popular in our area now! People see him at shows and tell other people, people that know us tell other people, and before I knew it I have people coming up to me saying how they have heard about him and such! When Kelsey first came out of the barn she said "he is such a famous pony!". It actually weird to me since I see him everyday, its so normal! I sometimes forget that most people have never seen a Gypsy before.

It was a good first lesson where she got to know how we ride and how far along our horses are, etc. Mystic was really pretty good. We had some issues here and there (mostly due to my riding!) such as me letting him pop his shoulder left before or after the fences. I think it kind of took me by surprise as in our flat work we have the opposite problem where he likes to pop it right and drag me back out. We had some run outs at some fences but nothing to major and he always jumped it the next time once he figured out his mom was actually going to ride him to it. Our first run out I think I just surprised him. We were putting together a mini course and the last fence was decent size compared to what we had been jumping and I didnt prepare him for it all that well. He actually jumped it, but if the flags were there we would have taken one out :) Another run out we had was neither of our faults really. We were coming over the bridge heading towards a little red barn (jump) and a flock of birds flew out of the bushes. Right when I thought I was going to get him back from them there was a family of turkeys. I think that is the fastest I have ever felt him go!

We have some homework to do before the next lesson but I am super excited to see how much we will progress with Kelsey helping us!

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