2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Friday, August 24, 2012

Well this is lame..

The pony is slightly lame, for the first time ever might I add. He came off after our lesson on Monday (which he felt fine at) a little funky on Tuesday. He worked out of it mostly but I kept the ride short and sweet. Wednesday we just went on a long 40 minute bareback walk around the property and he had Thursday off, besides getting a trim. He feels just fine at the walk so I didnt even really think anything of it. 

Fast forward to tonight... we are in the field thinking I am going to jump, we walk around for 10-15 minutes before trotting, pick up the trot and I trot around for awhile while I ponder if he is slightly off or if its the just field, etc. So I decide to just take him to the arena to trot him. He felt ok to the right but maybe a little off, going left however it was more obvious to me. Even then it is still slight. He is staying in tomorrow, he will get a bath and go on a long walk. Sunday he will stay in again and I will throw him on the lunge line to see how he looks. If he is getting worse I will have the vet out next week. Heres to hoping its nothing. We are supposed to have another jump lesson on the 3rd! I dont want to miss that!!

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