2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Where Mystics Thanks Our Trainer

Pony and I finally had a lesson on Monday night! It was our first lesson in over 3 months due to lameness in September, slowly bringing him back in October, and then him having a nice little 2 month vacation over November/December where we rode a few days a week and didn't get the saddle out for most of it. Since coming back we have had some not so nice rides. It all started off nice but in the last week and a half we were in the slow lane on the struggle bus. Thankfully our wonderful trainer put it all in perspective for me and got all our wheels spinning again. Looking at the big picture I was trying to ride him like a conditioned 2nd level horse when really we needed to go back to our 1st level frame and work. She got me to really let go of my reins so that I was not just 'holding' him up and by the end he felt very loose and supple. The longer reins took some getting used to but because he was so quick to reward me with every small adjustment it made it easier to feel. For me the struggle will be finding that fine line between giving him his head and letting him carry himself but still being able to effectively half halt him and not let him run through my outside rein. To continue all of our progress from this week we are doing another lesson on Monday! I am envious of people who get weekly lessons, we would make so much progress in a program like that.

Monday nights lesson was a great ending to my birthday weekend. He gave me a great birthday ride and my mom got us a Back on Track mesh sheet! Technically I knew I was getting it, and paid for half of it, but still... I love it. Our new routine involved a 45 minutes marination before our rides and I even got my friend using hers again so our boys soak together pre ride. Im looking forward to him getting to wear it all night and also using it at shows.

Birthday picture with his new BOT sheet :)
Then I got some birthday money and have been holding back from going crazy, not sure its working too well though! I ordered him an ear bonnet and Im pretty sure its going to be adorable. 1) I think they are super adorable but that doesn't justify using one enough (especially with all this hair that I will have to figure out) so 2) He is super sensitive to flies. You would think with all that hair he wouldn't care but he twitches like none other in the summer. So bad that when I put his saddle pad on he twitches it all the way to his butt. Plus they are custom and super reasonably priced, even if I do have to wait 10 weeks to get it. It will be just in time for some events!

His will look this this except the brown will be navy and the purple will be red
On top of that I am on the hunt for a memory foam half pad and I might be pulling the trigger on an Ogilvy (NWOT dressage one for $20 cheaper, plus free shipping and no wait time). I was really hoping to find a used Ecogold or Ogilvy one but knew it wasn't going to be easy. Still doesnt make it easier to swallow the cost of one! To continue my good month I also got $200 worth of EquiFUSE hair products (that I love so much) for free for winning a contest.

Mylo is loving his life now that he has a girlfriend to play with. On the down side he is so incredibly hairy, and obviously not in any kind of working shape, that he gets super sweaty. I think I'm going to clip him this weekend. I hate to do it, especially since he isn't 'working' but I do not like putting a horse away wet, especially when it still gets a little chilly at night, but it takes over an hour for him to dry because his hair is so long and thick. At least that way I won't feel like I can't let him play with his friend. A happy baby is the only kind of baby that I want! He has been handling the no pasture thing very well but getting him out to run is definitely a must to keep him happy!
That hair do didn't last long...

It is supposed to be nice this weekend so post hair cut/bath pictures will be done :)

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  1. Any time you want a custom bonnet send me a message I will hook you up.