2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Becoming big boys

Today was a big day for the boys. I started off the morning by hauling Bentley over to a friend house to go for his first outing. I have pretty much exclusively ridden him in our indoor arena due to it being dark by the time I finish with work and I don't feel quite ready to tackle the outdoor arena at night. This was a great low key yet "busy" outing for him and for the most part he held himself together quite well. He wasn't the biggest fan of getting into the trailer to start but didn't throw a fit over it just took his time scoping it out. My friend has an outdoor arena that is right next to giant pastures that are currently filled with sheep, has a goofy and fearless barn dog, a cat that likes to jump around the arena fence posts, etc. At first the cat blew Bentley mind. It was quite entertaining! What I love about this horse is that even when he is a little hotter he is very manageable under saddle. He gets tense and anxious but I never feel unsafe on him and as the ride goes on he routinely gets better and better. This was the first ride where he picked up his right lead the first time every time! I also introduced him to multiple trot poles in a row which he figured out quickly. To top it off he loaded right up in the trailer to head home. I love the brain on this boy! My plan is to get him out on as many low key/stress free trips as possible to as many places as possible. Even looking to take him to his first schooling shows in March. I couldn't be happier with the progress he is making!

And they best news yet? Pony is home!!! I seriously missed seeing this face every day...
I'm looking forward to learning how to ride him better now that he had some of his kinks, caused by me I'm sure, worked out. I was hoping to take a lesson on him today before we headed up but the trainer was teaching a clinic elsewhere this weekend. So I'm just winging it till Friday when we get to go clinic with her. I'm super excited to get some new insight from her now that she has ridden him a decent amount. Depending on how my finances are (ya know, with three horses and all 😳) I may try to send him back for another tune up while I am gone for a week in April for Rolex! Alanna and I are heading to the clinic this weekend together so with any luck I will get some pics and video to share!



  1. Yah! I'm glad you have your #1 boy back and that Bentley is progressing well. Are you looking at the schooling show at Silver Tail in March?

    1. Yes! And the DX derby at DevonWood. Are you going to the STF schooling show?

  2. Sounds like a good outing /experience for Bentley!! Yay pony :)