2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Body work, bouncing, and braids

With temperature still not above freezing here I am most definitely looking forward to the 80 some degree weather that is waiting for me! The poor boys have been stuck in side (they do have runs off their stalls) most of the week due to weather but despite me being frozen solid by the end of work I have worked both of them all week.

Thursday both Bentley and Mystic got some body work. Mystic is supposed (being the key word) to be leaving for training and with Bentley coming off the track I figured they could both use it. Boy was I right. Poor Bentley was all sorts of messed up and Mystic definitely needed it also. I am planning on getting them both, but especially Bentley, done again next month.

Bentley has worked great all week and has even cantered both directions a couple of rides. I started to add in some trot poles and come exercises to help his mind keep working. By today he was definitely feeling  pent up which he showed by doing several leaps in the air while I was walking him to get on. Thankfully we got through our, albeit short, ride with only one leaping incident and over all he was very rideable considering what I thought I was getting on. It's really hard to have a super productive ride when there are 5 other horses in the arena but we ended with some solid trot work. He is really settling into his routine of being a pampered sport horse! He is great to handle on the ground and just soaks up attention. The stall cleaners were telling me today how much they love him. Not to mention all of the people who comment on how handsome he is! I am super excited for this guys future.

On Wednesday I had a super fantastic ride on Mystic! I was feeling very encouraged and happy to be sending him to the trainer with that quality of work as I know she would be able to build on it. When I got on him Friday (day after body work) I could tell he was stiff/sore. I would be too after all that muscle work! So he got a nice walk. I had already agreed to let a fellow boarder have a walk/trot lesson on him today and got te report that he was great and although started out stiff he worked out of it. The lady also said he checks all her boxes in a horse she wants! We know... he's perfect 😊 Now the sad news... with all of the recent weather I am not sure yet if he will be able to get to the trainers barn before I leave. Even though our roads are clear, up north has been crazy and I'm still waiting on the road report from today from the trainer to see if I can take him or not. I will be sooooo bummed if I can't. I have him all braided , cleaned up, and ready to go in hopes that being prepared means we get to go. But I'm also not holding my breath. Now the mad scramble to find someone to take care of him while I'm gone should he have to stay home 😩 This weather is really killing my plans this month. Both our JW clinic and our in barn clinician had to cancel and now maybe his 2 weeks of training. Is it summer yet?

*Update: Pony has made it to the trainer barn!! It wasn't without its sketchy moments but he is there and settled. I will admit... it was much harder leaving him there then I thought it would be. Thank God I have my Florida trip to occupy me and my brain!!*
The many stages of Ponys hair 😍 


  1. Glad Bentley is doing well!! and all that hair is amazing.

  2. Glad that you were able to get Mystic to the trainer's barn and that's awesome to hear about how well Bentley has been doing :-)

  3. OMG, his mane is so, so long. I thought it was long before, but it just keeps getting better.