2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow day

This year we have had some "crazy" winter weather! It's been a combination of freezing cold by dry and then freezing rain and snow. Today we got around 3 inches (a lot for us in one day!) and I crawled my way out to the barn to play with the boys.
Bentley got his 5th ride and we cantered for the first time. His trot work has progressed quite nicely and he has some really nice moments! You know moments between looking like a giraffe or pulling his head down. He can now trot down the long side and complete mostly circular type circles. He is such a quick study and really picks things up pretty easily. As long as our dressage trainer is willing to make the drive he is getting his first "dressage" lesson tomorrow.
 Pony got a nice Bareback and bridleless ride and a quick walk in the snow. It's so nice having a well broke horse while bringing up a baby. He will also hopefully be getting a dressage lesson tomorrow. He has some exciting news that he gets to share soon as to his plans for the last two weeks of the month!
 Even the free loader got some camera and snow time! Mostly his favorite activity these days is chasing me around the arena for cookies. He definitely doesn't complain about his life 😉 

Hoping for better roads tomorrow so that we actually get our desperately needed dressage lessons!!


  1. Fingers crossed everything works out for the dressage lesson!!

  2. Fingers crossed as well that the lesson can happen!