2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fat Transplants?!

If only it were that easy! I could take a few pounds of Mystic pony and give them to Sky! I do have to say she is looking way better and the barn is doing a great job of giving her hay whenever she is out and are really trying to help me get her up to weight also. She is looking way better but we still have some to go. I got my blankets cleaned so I took some out to her just so they are ready for when the cold comes. Im really just trying to get her up to weight before winter comes and although it is working its just a slow process in general!

As for my cute little black and white pony we are headed to Inavale tomorrow to go cross country schooling again! I cant wait! He is such a good boy. Im sure there will be pictures as Alanna is on the ground again because Rozzys little girl is riding him this time. Maybe I will let her hop on Mystic for a spin :)

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