2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

XC Schooling is ALWAYS a favorite!

I LOVE xc schooling! One of my favorite things to do with horses! Yesterday Alanna and I headed over to Inavale with Mystic and Roz for a little pre-derby schooling since Mystic has only been out there once and Roz hasnt been in over a year. The boys were great and it was very fun as usual. Mystic was a total trooper and was cantering down banks, doing bigger ditches, running to the water, and putting mini courses together. I think I have myself a good low level eventer on my hands! I am so excited to see how we do at the LOH derby this Sunday. We are just doing trot a trail (12" cross rails) but it is our first derby ever and it will only be his 5th time jumping ever if I jump him a little at home over some stadium fences. I feel silly doing a walk/trot dressage test but its ok.
On another note I went out to lunge Sky this morning and the dressage trainer there happened to be there. She was asking about her and took a look at her. I told her that her soundness is still questionable but I have been working her to see if it gets worse or better since it is very subtle and it hasnt seemed to get worse. After watching her move she said that it could be a few different things but to try working her for the next 30 days on a big circle and see how she does because it could be (like I was saying) just lack of conditioning and muscle. A good thing is that she did say if we get that figured out that she will be a very nice mover and that even with that little glitch she still picks herself up nicely. That is always good to hear that there is potential in there someone we just need to get through some other stuff to bring it out fully.

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