2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The sooner the better

The hard part about rescuing horses and rehoming them is that you form a bond with every single one of them. Every single horse has something you like about it, you might not like much which makes it easy to rehome them but on others you just cant seem to let go of them. I feel like im getting to that point with Sky :/ I told my mom yesterday she better sell soon because if she doesnt and I get her going nicely the chances of her leaving are very slim. She truely is a very nice horse. She has a very sweet personality and she is very smart. It was the previous owners who did her no good, at no fault to her own. She still has a long way to get muscle wise improving her topline and her bottom but we are getting there slowly just wanted to focus on getting some fat on first.
It is much easier to let a horse go if you can distance yourself from it for awhile first. Like with Tolo I didnt do much with him for the month before he left. Yes I still miss him and all but I know he went to a great great great great home who is still in contact with me also. So im hoping someone comes along soon because I will only be spending more time with her the next however long getting her going under saddle. More time = more emotion and more emotion = less likely of me getting down to one horse which is what I really wanted!

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  1. I can totally relate to this and distancing yourself. I am actually a little sad about Roxanne and am trying not to do much with her until she leaves.