2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So much progress!

Both Mystic and I have benefited SO much from lessons with Mary! He makes big improvement each lesson and also gives us stuff to work on before our next lesson so we can keep moving right along. We have yet to have a bad lesson and he is always on his best behavior for them! We even had it outside yesterday and he still worked really well for me. I didnt really know what he would do because usually he knows where the barn is and hasnt been the most responsive off my leg in the arena so I wasnt sure what we would get outside. He worked great though! Our circles were not really circles or anything but we still accomplished a lot. I was happy to hear that our walk had improved a lot and he didnt go behind the bit once in our lesson. We have been working on it ever since last lesson so im glad it showed. We havent really done much canter work in our lessons because we have focused on the trot but we did some last night and I learned a lot about both the up and down transition with him and how strong I need to be with my outside rein. I didnt realize how much I try to rely on my inside rein until working at the canter where he is much strong and more resistant at this point just because he isnt used to that kind of work. In the end we got some really nice canter work and a super nice down transition which is a HUGE thing for us! We always talk about how everything is harder for him because he really isnt built to sit on his bottom and push he was made to go on his forehand and pull things. But... with that being said he can learn how to do it and is learning very quickly and is such a trooper for the whole thing! He really is such a good boy and takes everything in stride and tries really hard.
Next weekend we are headed back out to Inavale to go XC schooling again! I CANNOT WAIT! There will be pictures for sure :) Then there is a derby in October that I might take him too. That really would be the last show for a little while. He has earned his break :)

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