2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, May 19, 2012


After much flip flopping and riding breaks I officially sent my entry in to league championships today! He is incredibly fat and out of shape right now but went right back to work today like a star! We have 2 weeks, from today, to get our butts in gear. Luckily I have the worlds most amazing horse and im sure we will have good tests even if they are not great. He doesnt look bad doing anything :)

Also... next weekend we are taking the ponies to the beach! Mystic and Sky (or Pretty) will be going on Saturday. It will be either of the girls first time and Mystics second. The reason it is Sky or Pretty is that both of them came up lame today. Typical right? When everything start getting good and you are getting somewhere with them they decide to a) try to kill themselves or b) come up dead lame. Im 99 % sure Sky has an abcess on the heel or her hind hoof as she wont walk on it. She just walks on the tip of her hoof and about falls on her face every other step. I went to the store tonight and picked up some epson salt, diapers, and duct tape (I can only imagine what the cashier thought!) and got her all soaked and wrapped up for the night. Hopefully it will burst soon and I can be riding her asap. Pretty had a freak out in the cross ties and came out of it lame. She walked out of most of it but still wasn't 100 %. Hopefully she will be ok tomorrow so we at least have a back up in case Skys takes longer to burst! Oh horses....

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