2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Some days are much better then others as all us horse people know! Today was a perfectly fine day until about 5 pm when, at work, one of our kids projectile vomited over the whole room. Ok not the whole room but a lot of it! Vomit is one thing that I cannot deal with. Luckily another co worker my age knows that I dont do throw up and she helped the teacher clean it up. That doesnt mean I did see/smell it though!

I had already decided Mystic would get today off. He was worked since Saturday so he will get today off then work till Monday when he will have another day off then we can just work the next few days till Championships that weekend. So I come straight home to get Sky out and throw her on the lunge line to see how she looks soundness wise. Roz, who was our back up back up beach horse came up lame this morning so we were back to just Pretty (she was fine the next day) who hasnt had much under saddle time these last few months and the beach may over stimulate her a little too much or Sky who up till today has been lame. When I get out to see her she instantly runs away from me and gallops around like a lunatic for 15 minutes until I can catch her. When I finally get her I see she has a cut on the inside of her left hind and a gash across her coronary band of her right hind. Cool. I still go out and lunge her and she was sound. I cleaned them all out, wrapped them, buted her, and stuck her locked up for the night. All I can say is she better be just fine tomorrow. Im so done with horses being lame or stupid! Its a good thing I still have a super pony otherwise I would be throwing the towel in right now!

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