2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Braving the snow

Today the temp finally started to get above freezing and helped melt some of the snow off, not much but some. I was really hoping this would be the case so I could try to move my little car, that I so smartly parked right behind our SUV, so I could get our SUV out and try to get out of my house for the first time in 3 days. I did a little digging and then hopped in my car, gunned it backwards and made it just far enough to shimmy our bigger rig out... score! It definitely was not an easy drive but we skated our way to the barn and made it in one piece.

I am so glad I made it out because I know how stir crazy Pony gets while being stuck in his stall and considering he hadnt been out of it since Thursday night I knew he would be wanting to stretch his legs. I didnt get out there till just after 4, as I wanted to give the snow most of the day to melt, so I didnt ride as I didnt want to be driving home in the dark. Instead I rebraided his mane and took him out to the arena so he could stretch his legs out.
Feeling good!
So handsome :)

Checking out the snow outside! He was a Bend, OR guy after all!

He was very happy to see me and get out of his stall! After he played a little on his own he came over and followed me around a little bit, it is super cute :) I just got news that my classes tomorrow are cancelled so hopefully tomorrow we can get back to work, work.

I have been doing lots of window shopping online since being snowed in but havent justified any purchases (besides pretty new browband strands!) as there is still some stuff that we actually need for show season. It is still fun to shop though!

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