2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Record Setting

Ok, I am not actually sure that we have set records in the last few days, but if we didnt then the records are from like 100 years ago, but we have more snow here than I have ever seen (probably almost 2 feet)! Sadly this means I am officially snowed in and now have not seen Pony in 2 days. Like my car has snow up past its wheels (you have to work just to get the door to open) and it has a thick layer of ice over my entire car. I do know that all the horses have been staying inside and got a all is well text today from the barn owner. I REALLY hope that I can get my car out tomorrow but its not looking promising at all.

The sad part about being 21, the only kid at home, and living on the outskirts of town means that I have no one but our 5 dogs to play in the snow with. It is pretty hysterical to watch them in the snow, especially my little Mini Aussie who all but disappears when he goes outside now!
The gang :)
Between my Netflix marathon of Greys Anatomy (I am currently re watching the entire show which has been a solid time killer since being stuck inside) I have managed to file my taxes which will fund our first recognized dressage show, and first time showing at Devonwood! About time! I also started organizing his 'book' which includes his registration papers, his DNA results, all his previous dressage tests, etc for this year. So although I havent been able to ride I am making progress towards our Devonwood debut :)
Ready to hit that centerline (and for the gorgeous weather)!


  1. Wow! I think that's more snow than I've ever seen at once. You guys are sure getting a big storm for not getting snow very often! What a wild winter.

  2. We are finally getting some snow too! I day finally because we've had none and our area needs it for the local economy and so that we don't have a water shortage this summer. If you get too bored you can stop by my blog and participate in my interview! :) and Thanks for the taxes reminder!