2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Loving this weather!

Unlike the people in the East who are dealing with tons and tons of snow we have been having gorgeous weather the last few weeks (with some stretches of rain/wind mixed in). Today it was sunny and gorgeous so Alanna and I took the boys out for a short hour long trail ride. I have been a bit skeptical about taking him out since the last time we hit the trails he came up with a nasty abscess so we just kept it to a walk. He has really good hooves (like really!) but trotting/cantering on gravel can do damage on even the best of them. I have started thinking about ways, besides putting shoes on him which I won't do, to help him on the more rocky trail so I dont have to worry about it but I am pretty sure they dont make hoof boots large enough for him. We found some size 4 boots while shopping today but even they looked way to small. So we will settle for just walking for the trails by our barn.

It was a perfect relaxing ride with our boys! I just hoped on Pony bareback and the boys walked much better together than they have in the past (aka: Roz wasnt racing away and Pony wasnt dragging along)! I have been house sitting in town so hadnt been able to ride the last two days so it was a perfect low key ride back before he gets a good workout tomorrow.

After our trail ride we went to Wilco for their first day of Wilco Farm Days! We all got some good deals and will definitely go back before the end of the month to stock up again. The best part about it? $1 rolls of vet wrap! You can bet I stocked up on those and will again before the end of the sale! Along with his 10 rolls of vet wrap he got a new big water bucket for his stall (currently he has a short rubber one since he would knock his big plastic ones over when he was first being stalled but boarders dogs go in his stall and take baths in his water...), dewormer, and a Himalayan Salt block. I have never tried these salt blocks before but I have heard good things about them (and it was on sale!) so I picked one up that I can just tie up in his stall. Luckily pay day comes before the end of the sale because we will be re stocking again in a few weeks :) Nothing beats good farm store sales!


  1. Easyboot sells large hoof boots - some carriage drafts wear them so they get pretty big: http://www.easycareinc.com/our_boots/old_macs_G2/Old_Macs_G2.aspx

    1. Oh thank you!! Are they pretty easy to put on etc?