2013 Memories

2013 Memories

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feelin' good!

Now that our huge snow storm of 2014 is over, the great flood of 2014 has started. The temp has finally risen, and it was actually a super nice night to ride, which means that most of the snow has melted in a matter of 2 days. This also means that the pastures, therefore our ponies, are muddy messes!
Legs hosed off and ready to ride!
We had an absolutely awesome ride tonight! We didnt do much because another boarder came out to walk her horse and we ended up walking and talking for about 30 minutes... whoops! Even though we only worked for about 20 minutes he is feeling better and better. All the sudden we have had ginormous lightbulb moments where everything has just come together beautifully. After our last lesson I feel like I have him carrying himself so much more and in return all our work is improving. I have been frustrated with our trot lengthenings, you know those things we have been doing for 2 years now and supposedly were supposed to have for 1st level? They are doing SO much better, it is amazing what your horse can do when they have someone riding them well :)

While we were walking and talking tonight we started talking more about 2014 show season and some events we are going to try to hit together (if we can both get our ponys ready in time!) and it got me super excited! It will be fun to see how 2014 treats us :)


  1. I rode last night outside by moonlight! First time since last Tuesday, thanks to all the snow and rain. (Felt really smug about it at bedtime, too, when it was raining again. ;-)

  2. It is raining on top of our 5" of snows making it a slushy mess that refreezes at night. Ah winter horse care.....fun! :)

  3. Rides like that are always so wonderful. I love that picture of your boy in his pink boots =)

  4. Are you going to be at the Wash horse expo by any chance?

    1. No, I wish I had heard about Jessica Wisdom earlier but I didn't.